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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nirwan University Jaipur is dedicated for preparing competent pharmacists who can contribute ethically and effectively in maintaining health care services globally. The school is offering Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) and Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) programme.

Formulation & Development, Analysis of Pharmaceutical Preparations & Dosage Forms, Drug Delivery System Designing, Pharmacology of Drugs, Industrial Pharmacy, Practice of Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence are some of the important courses of the program.


After studying these courses, students will be able to understand various aspects of Pharmaceutical Science like, sources of drugs, methodology of their preparation, analysis of prepared medicine, mechanism of drug action, safe, effective & rational use of medicines and minimization of chances of adverse drug reactions.

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Dean Message

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  • Welcome to the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, strives to provide students with thoughtfully updated quality education to prepare them as competent and globally accepted pharmacist.

In addition to a comprehensive education, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences ensures that students are groomed as confident individuals equipped to take on any challenge in their personal and professional lives. The curriculam,?as well as the seminars, Symposium, workshops and Industry expert talk regularly organized?within the school which help in sharpen leadership skills and keep students up to date with the latest developments in their field. Students thus stand at the forefront of pharmacy and healthcare, whether in drug formulation and development, community practice, academic research, or government services. 

We think that making students aware of their identity requires a solid basis in our socio-cultural values. So, we try to help them grow as a whole person by teaching them moral and spiritual values. 

I extend a very warm welcome to the next generation of pharmacists. 

Prof. Prashant Beniwal
Professor & Dean, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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