Smart Classroom

Nirwan University’s Smart Classroom is a technology-supported learning classroom that enhances teaching and learning digitally.

The classroom is integrated with digital displays, tabs, whiteboards, assistive learning devices, and other audio or visual components that make the lectures easier, more engaging, and more interactive. Technology-enabled education is peeping deep into the classrooms, paving the way to smart education.

During the pandemic of Covid-19 “Smart Classroom” played a pivotal role in propagating online education to remote areas of the country. The vision of the “National Education Policy (NEP 2020)” emphasized the establishment of Online and Virtual Universities has already been fulfilled by our university which helps our students to understand the theory and practice in a lucid and accessible manner.


Library Facilities

A library is the heart of an educational institution, and students at Nirwan University get the advantage of state-of-the-art and well-equipped libraries and library facilities.

Whether you are looking for journals, course books, reference material or research material the library is the place to head to.

The library is well-lit and very spacious and with suitable furniture and a reading room, it becomes an apt environment for students to learn and enrich their knowledge. The library houses books by both National and International authors to make sure that students get the best of Knowledge, with thousands of books and a variety of journals apart from e-journals, the library is very well stocked as per the need of the students.

Research labs

Students have access to NUJs' well-equipped lab areas for research in computer graphics, computer-aided digital design, computer vision, databases and digital libraries, data mining and knowledge discovery, distributed systems, mobile, natural language processing, networking, operating systems, programming systems, robotics, user interfaces, real-time multimedia etc.

Although research labs in academic institutions are quite comparable to those found in the commercial and public sectors.

Academic Labs

NUJ’s buildings that house academic labs are living laboratories that advertise, facilitate, thrill, and inform anybody within range.

There are research laboratories as well as teaching labs among them. Teaching laboratories are exclusive to the academic sector.There are computer labs with adequate computer equipment, internet connectivity and projectors to support practical sessions. These are fully equipped with latest technology as per the need of the present era. All the computers in the labs carry basic automation packages. Software packages such as Python, R, SPSS, MATLAB, Tally ERP9, Java etc. are also installed in these computers.The Department of Chemistry has a well-equipped laboratory for conducting practical classes, which are managed by well-experienced and capable staff, to meet the need and to cultivate students' enthusiasm in science. The lab is created to be fire resistant and has facilities of fire extinguishers along with first aid kits in order to handle any kind of mishap. With new innovations and different facilities like Filtration Room, Balance Room, Fuming Cupboard, Preparation Room, Instrument Room, and others, the Laboratory has been modernized and properly supplied with equipment and glassware to make studying more fascinating and pleasant.Nursing Labs enables the students to gain adequate knowledge about the basic procedures through which the firm foundations of the fundamental of nursing will be laid down.

Counselling Cell

Our university has initiated the counselling Cell with the help of trained faculty members as counsellors.

The Cell aims to provide comprehensive guidance programs and services that equip students with the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to become mature and socially responsible individuals.

It also aims to address, help, and resolve emotional and psychological issues of the student community and provides guidance:

  • Mentoring through individual counselling.
  • Provide various comprehensive psychological services to students and resolve their emotional, behavioural, academic, and social issues.
  • Guiding for financial assistance from Banks.
  • Getting a scholarship for students through various organizations
  • Planning and implementing a career guidance program at different schools.

Psychological testing in the area of:

  • Aptitude
  • Intelligence
  • Interest
  • Stress and anxiety

Organizing workshops on:

  • Stress management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Learning disabilities
  • Self-awareness

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