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    UGC Approval

    Incorporated vide Act No. 2/2017 of Government of Rajasthan and listed in State Private Universities under UGC Act 1956.

    UGC 2(f) Status

    The name of the University has been included in the list of Universities established as per Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956.

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    Nirwan University ACT

    Nirwan University, Jaipur (NUJ) is a private university established by the Govt. of Rajasthan vide ACT No. 2 of 2017

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    Nirwan University Statutes

    Statutes of Nirwan University have been issued by the Government of Rajasthan Education (Group for Department under Act No. 2(f) of 2017 Section 29).

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    Bar Council of India (BCI)

    Bar Council of India statutory body established under the Advocates Act, 1961 in India. The BCI regulates legal education and the legal profession in the country. It sets standards for legal education institutions, conducts examinations for admission to the bar, and enrolls advocates. The BCI also maintains a code of conduct and ethical standards for advocates, and it has the authority to take disciplinary action against lawyers who violate professional ethics.

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    Indian Nursing Council (INC)

    The Indian Nursing Council (INC) is a statutory body established under the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947. It is responsible for regulating and maintaining the standards of nursing education and practice in India. The INC works towards ensuring quality nursing education and training, promoting professional growth and development of nurses, and maintaining a high level of nursing care in the country.

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    Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)

    The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is a statutory body established under the Pharmacy Act, 1948. It is responsible for the regulation and maintenance of the pharmacy profession in India. The PCI ensures the uniformity and standardization of education and practice in the field of pharmacy across the country.

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    Department of Agriculture (Group III), Govt. of Rajasthan

    Nirwan University Jaipur has approval of Department of Agriculture (Group 3), Govt. of Rajasthan (GOR) to take admission in B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture through Joint Entrance Test (JET).

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    Rajasthan Paramedical Council

    Rajasthan Para Medical Council was constituted by an Act of the Rajasthan Legislature in year 2008. The objective of the Act is to provide for the constitution of a Para-Medical Council, regulation of Para Medical profession and recognition of institutions imparting education or training in Para Medical subjects in the state or for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Rajasthan Para-Medical Council is Establishment under Rajasthan Paramedical Council Act 2008.

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    The Dental Council of India

    The Dental Council of India is constituted by an act of parliament ‘The Dentists Act, 1948’ (XVI of 1948) with a view to regulate the dental education, dental profession and dental ethics thereto – which came into existence in March, 1949. The Dental Council of India has the responsibilities for according recognition to the Dental Degrees awarded by the various Universities and also for maintaining uniform standards of dental education in the country. In discharge of its functions and responsibilities, the Council inspects the various dental institutions and brings the deficiencies observed to the notice of the authorities concerned for suitable remedial action.

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