NUJ will comply with all applicable rules and regulations laid down by UGC with respect to Ph.D. Programme.


Research Board assists scholars in regulatory compliance. We address numerous guides and resources to staying compliant while conducting research and explain important aspects of the program viz. admission procedure, registration, Semester course work, implementation methodology, the conduct of examination, submission of the research proposal, appointment of supervisor/co-supervisor,

Ph.D. thesis submission, evaluation of scholar performance leading to the award of Ph.D. degree, etc. The candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programme are expected to be aware of the basic philosophy of the academic program of the University. The University follows a semester pattern and a candidate is required to register for the prescribed Ph.D. programme by filling out the registration form and paying the requisite amount of fees.

Research Promotion Policy

The various departments of the University conduct Workshops/Training programmes/Short Term Courses/Guest Lecturers/Seminars/Conferences/Webinars/Sensitization Programmes on a regular basis in order to promote research culture within the university. In order to promote the research in the University following encouraging steps are being followed:

  • All faculty members are encouraged to attend National/International conferences and Faculty Development Programmes.
  • In order to increase the number of research projects, faculty members having projects are considered for Performance Award Scheme (PAS).
  • Faculty members are given sufficient opportunities and motivation for attending Academic/Scientific events, delivering lectures, and other research activities.
  • Faculty is encouraged to file patents, Trade Mark, Copy Rights, etc.
  • Faculty are recognised for their excellent publications.
  • University has created an opportunity of teaching assistantships to encourage all NET/GATE-qualified scholars.
  • Each student is motivated to attend conferences/write projects & other research-related work.
  • Institute provides academic assistance for filing patents to Ph.D. candidates.
  • In order to have a quality Ph.D., students have to get 2 publications in SCI / Web of Science / SCOPUS / UGC CARE indexed journals before submitting the Ph.D. thesis.
  • R&D cell creates awareness and sensitizes researchers on the importance of IPR. Special lectures and workshops have been organized on IPR.

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