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Seminar Hall

The university has a state-of-the-art seminar hall (Swami Vivekananda Seminar Hall, SVSH) equipped with all the modern facilities.

  • 350+
    students capacity seminar hall
  • The seminar hall provides an LCD projector, wireless internet connection, sound system, whiteboard, podium, and soundproof walls with comfortable sitting arrangements and can accommodate a huge number of audiences. The seminar hall is effectively used to host a plethora of events in the field of academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

    A fully air-conditioned and well-decorated ambience with audio-visual aids presents an appropriate environment for discussion and debates. It is an ideal and comfortable place to hold staff meetings, presentations, workshops, expert lectures, and club meetings. Our seminar hall becomes vital at the time of induction or orientation programme for freshers and when representatives of several conglomerates visit our university to enlighten the students.


Conference Room

Our conference room is spacious, wide, and well-lighted creating a perfect ambience for organizing board meetings, academic meetings, events, and corporate recruitment procedures conducted without any glitches.

The hall is air-conditioned and well-equipped with a required system of acoustics and fire safety.


  • Ensuring the safety and security of students is a top priority for Nirwan university Jaipur. The University follows security measures to create a secure environment for students on campus, in hostels, and throughout the university:
  • 24/7 Security Personnel: Universities appointed security personnel who are trained to monitor the campus and respond to any security concerns or emergencies. These personnel are stationed at various locations throughout the campus.
  • Surveillance Systems: Campuses and hostels have a network of surveillance cameras strategically placed to monitor key areas such as entrances, common areas, parking lots, and corridors
  • Campus Lighting: Adequate lighting throughout the campus and in parking lots can enhance safety by improving visibility and reducing potential hiding spots for illicit activities. Well-lit areas can discourage criminal behavior and provide students with a sense of security when walking around campus, especially during the evening hours.
  • Safety Awareness Programs: Nirwan University Jaipur conducts safety awareness programs and training sessions for students and staff. These programs includes self-defense classes, safety seminars, and educational campaigns to promote awareness about personal security, cyber safety, and reporting suspicious activities.

Banking Facility

Nirwan University in Jaipur have banking facilities available on or near its campus to cater to the financial needs of students and staff.

Universities have link-ups with specific banks (HDFC and PNB ) to provide exclusive services and benefits to their students and staff. These tie-ups could include customized banking packages, preferential interest rates on education loans, fee payment facilities, and other banking privileges.


Transport Facilities

The university is located at a distance of about 30 kilometres from Jaipur (Pink City) on NH-21.

Transportation is a lifeline for students and members of the staff as they depend on university transportation for daily commuting. The university has a network of transport buses to all nearby areas, including local communities and township lines within a radius of 50 km. It is arranged for the convenience of our students and staff members who reside outside the campus. This ensures their personal safety, travel reliability and punctuality on campus.

Luxury Buses

Transport facility is available up to 8:00 PM.

Transport Number

The cafeteria at Nirwan University Jaipur is quite spacious and can accommodate hundreds to two hundred people at a time. This cafeteria caters for refreshments and eatables to the students, hostellers, faculty, and operating staff respectively. The furniture is laid in a manner to accommodate a maximum number of people and yet looks aesthetic.

The regular monitoring and assessment of the cafeteria ensure the highest standards of hygiene. The university ensures cafeteria would be a no-smoking zone as well as a tobacco-free space. Strict vigil is kept to make sure that these rules are upheld on campus. We believe in the continuous improvement of service quality through suggestions and feedback from the students and the university staff.


The cafeteria is the place where students relax, interact, rejuvenate, and unwind after long hours at the University.

Opening Hours
6:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

every day, except National holidays.


Nirwan University Jaipur hostels has always endeavoured to help the college in achieving its goals of offering students quality education and a space for growth and learning.

It gives outstation students the comfort of living on campus and access to all its facilities designed to make their time here both enjoyable and productive. Selecting a university is analogous to settling into a new community. We make sure that the pupils live in a safe and secure place where they may develop and study without interference. We provide separate accommodations for male and female students, each outfitted with cutting-edge amenities to guarantee their security and convenience.

There are three guards in rotation at the main door during the day and night. Identity documents are checked at entrance which does not permit non-residents to enter the hostel other than during visiting hours. The convenience of residents is taken into consideration while deciding upon rules and leave-timings. Emergency exits are installed at four ends of the building. Fire extinguishers are installed at various points and fire drills are conducted to prepare students for emergencies.

NUJ has a Warden, an Assistant Warden and a Superintendent, who take care of admission, financial transaction, revising policies, leave issues and taking action against ragging.

Boys Hostels
Girls Hostels

Hostel Facilities

  • Living Quarters: Shared rooms with basic furniture like beds, study desks, chairs, and wardrobes or storage units. Shared kitchens or pantries equipped with cooking appliances like stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators, allowing students to prepare their meals.
  • Common Areas: Social and recreational spaces where students can interact, relax, and engage in activities together. This may include lounges, TV rooms, and outdoor spaces.
  • Study Rooms: Designated areas for quiet study and academic work, equipped with tables, chairs, and study resources.
  • Wi-Fi Access: Internet connectivity in hostel rooms and common areas to facilitate academic work and communication.
  • Security: Measures to ensure the safety of students, such as security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and restricted access to hostel buildings.
  • Cleaning Services: Regular cleaning of common areas and bathroom facilities by hostel staff.
  • Cafeteria or Dining Hall: On-campus dining options where students can avail meals, snacks, and refreshments.
  • Utilities: Access to electricity, water, and heating or cooling systems for comfortable living conditions.
  • Safety Measures: Fire safety equipment, emergency exits, and guidelines for handling emergencies.
  • Social and Cultural Events:Organizing events, workshops, and activities to foster a sense of community among hostel residents.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the hostel facilities at Nirwan University in Jaipur:

Is there a hostel facility available at Nirwan University, Jaipur?

Yes, Nirwan University provides hostel facilities for its students.

How can I apply for a hostel at Nirwan University?

To apply for a hostel at Nirwan University, you will typically need to fill out a hostel application form provided by the university's hostel administration. Contact the university's admissions office or visit their official website for more information on the application process.

What are the types of rooms available in the hostel?

The types of rooms available in the hostel may vary. Generally, hostels offer different room options such as double occupancy or quad rooms. The specific details regarding room types, facilities, and prices can be obtained from the university's hostel administration.

Are the hostels for boys and girls separate?

Yes, hostels at Nirwan University are typically separate for boys and girls. There are separate buildings for male and female students

What are the facilities provided in the hostel?

Hostel facilities can vary, but typically they include basic amenities such as a bed, study table, chair, cupboard, and fan. Additionally, common facilities like bathrooms, toilets, common rooms, mess or dining areas, facilities may be provided. It's best to check with the university for specific details about the facilities offered.

Is there 24/7 security in the hostels?

Yes, hostels at Nirwan University usually have 24/7 security arrangements in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the students residing in the hostel. This may include security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and restricted access to the hostel premises.

Are meals provided in the hostel?

Hostels have a mess or dining area where meals are provided for the students. These meals are typically included in the hostel fees or charged separately as part of the hostel facilities. The specific details regarding meal plans, timings, and charges can be obtained from the hostel administration.

Is Wi-Fi available in the hostels?

Hostels nowadays provide Wi-Fi connectivity for the convenience of the students. However, the availability of Wi-Fi and its coverage within the hostel premises may vary. It's recommended to inquire with the hostel administration regarding the availability and usage policies of Wi-Fi facilities.

Can I have visitors in the hostel?

Hostel rules regarding visitors may vary. Generally, there are specific timings and guidelines for visitors, which may differ for boys' and girls' hostels. It is advisable to check with the hostel administration about the visitor policy and any restrictions or guidelines to be followed

What are the rules and regulations of the hostel?

Each hostel has its own set of rules and regulations that students are expected to follow. These rules usually cover aspects such as hostel timings, maintenance of cleanliness, discipline, curfew timings, restrictions on certain activities, etc. It's important to familiarize yourself with the hostel rules to ensure a comfortable and harmonious living environment

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