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The School of English, Languages and Literature offers a Master of Arts in English Literature at the Post-Graduate level.

The curriculum of the Post-Graduate Program is designed in such a way that the curiosity of a learner can be generated to learn language and literature from an international perspective. MA in English Jaipur enables a learner to peep into the international approach to language.

The curriculum of the school of English, language and literature at the Post-Graduation level perfectly covers all relevant topics and contents which are of acute importance, as far as the inculcation of linguistic abilities is concerned. It covers a wide range of topics incorporating the literature of different countries and continents.

The subjects like American Literature, British Literature, Contemporary Literature etc. are thoroughly taught as per their relevance for an Indian scholar is concerned. As far as research-related activities are concerned, the multiplicities of the syllabus provide a vast scope to work on. In the nutshell, it can easily be summarised that the students are going to get globalised exposure by being part and partial to the curriculum. The outreach provision of the linguistic approach has also been taken into consideration by incorporating the option of conducting seminars, symposiums and expert talks of eminent speakers.


Bachelor Degree with as main or subsidiary subject from UGC approved University.

  • Duration
    2 Years
  • Fee (Per Semester)
    Examinations Fee (Per Semester)
    Enrollment Fee
    Registration Fee



  • The students will demonstrate high-level proficiency in literary research and the synthesis of research.
  • The students will demonstrate critical and analytical skills in the interpretation and evaluation of literary texts.
  • The students will demonstrate command over written academic English, including the abilities to:

    Organize and present material in a cogent fashion;

    Formulate and defend original arguments.

    Effectively employ the language of their discipline; and,

    Write under time constraints. - The students will demonstrate a reading knowledge of at least one foreign language.


Curriculum Details

  • M.A. English Literature
  • Modern English Usage Phonetics and Language
  • Elizabethans And Augustans
  • Human Development
  • Applied Linguistics and Contemporary English Grammar
  • Educational Visit Report and Viva: based on The Visit / Viewing of English Drama
  • Society And Environment
  • Seminar II

  • M.A. English Literature
  • Social Policy and Planning
  • Pre - Romantics and Romantics
  • Victorian Literature
  • Managerial Economics and Financial Accounting
  • Educational Visit Report and Viva: based on The Visit / Viewing of English Poetry
  • Public Administration in India
  • Seminar II

  • M.A. English Literature
  • Yoga and Health
  • Indian Philosophy
  • General Psychology
  • Social Justice, Human Rights in India
  • Literary Theory
  • Western Political Thought
  • Seminar III

  • M.A. English Literature
  • Twentieth Century Literature: Poetry and Drama
  • Rajasthan Through the Ages
  • Twentieth Century Literature: Prose and Fiction
  • Indian Writing in English and Translation
  • Dissertation
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Program Outcomes (POs)

  • PO1

    Critical Thinking: The Application of theoretical knowledge to make a critical analysis; intervene using innovative frameworks, evaluate and follow up.

  • PO2

    Effective Communication: To engage in inter and intra-personal communications, behavioural change communication and proficiency in Information Communication Technology.


  • PO3

    Scientific Temper: To build essential skills of life including questioning, observing, testing, hypothesizing, analysing, and communicating.

  • PO4

    Effective Citizenship: To demonstrate empathetic social concern and to engage in service learning and community engagement programmes for contributing towards achieving local, regional and national goals.

  • PO5

    Ethics: To recognize different value systems including your own, understand the moral dimensions of your decisions and accept responsibility for them.

  • PO6

    Environment and Sustainability: To participate and promote sustainable development goals.

  • PO7

    Gender Sensitization and Social Commitment: To imbibe gender sensitivity and the sense of social responsibility for self and community for the benefit of society, at large.

  • PO8

    Self-directed and Life-long learning: To engage in continuous learning for professional growth and development.


Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

To familiarise with the writers of English literature across different ages and continents, their theories, perspectives, models, and methods.

To be able to demonstrate competence in analysis and critically analyse scholarly work in the areas of English language teaching, literary research, and translation.

To enhance literary and critical thinking.

Application of the knowledge of Literature, theories, research and skills in different fields of literary practice.


Career Path

  • The job of the Translator
  • Newspaper Editor
  • Call Centres and BPOs
  • Teaching Jobs at schools and colleges etc.


What additional is required to be a student of English Literature?
A student is expected to have the inclination and desire to study English to have an appreciation for the history of the language, its pertinent terminology, and the many features that are present in the literature of every country and continent. In addition to this, it is expected of him or her to be an avid reader who has inherited a passion for reading a wide range of literature.
What are the future scopes of M.A. English Literature?
The Master of Arts in English Literature covers a lot of ground. Knowing the world and society is beneficial. It provides the experience that assists students in selecting the area in which they would want to excel in the foreseeable future. Students who study literature get insight into a variety of topics, including worldviews, lifestyles, historical practices, and cultural norms, among other things. In addition, it opens up a world of professional chances and possibilities.
How can I gain efficiency in the English language?
Practice is the finest tool for developing English language proficiency. It demands consistent preparation and maintenance. The balanced intake and practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities provide English learners with a greater opportunity.

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