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Vol. 01 | No. 01 | July-December, 2023

Title: Cover Page


Title: Contents


Title: Can Cyborg Replace Humans With Ethics And Values?

Authors: Prof. (Dr.) Aparna Dixit

Title: Ethical Decision-making In Pharmaceuticals

Authors: Ganesh N. Sharma, Prashant Beniwal ,Sanjay Khanna

Title: Transforming Data Into Decisions: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning For Nutrient Optimization

Authors: Nakuleshwar Dut Jasuja, Reena ,Preeti Sharma, Sunil Kumar

Title: Role Of Social Media In Libraries

Authors:Dr. Reena Anand, Chetna Anand

Title: Exploring Lead-free Perovskite Alternatives: Comparative Analysis Of CH3NH3PbBr3& Cs2AgBiBr6

Authors: Shaily Choudhary, Peeyush Kumar Kamlesh


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