Home Science is concerned with the home, health, and happiness of all the people living in it. It draws its content from courses in both science and art.

Thus, it represents an interdisciplinary field that prepares young learners for the two most important goals in their lives – caring for their home and family as well as preparing for a career or vocation in life. Hence, its scope extends to activities associated with setting up home-based enterprises as well as consultancies. Today, men and women share the responsibility of a home and family equally. They need an equal amount of preparation in making the best use of the resources available to make their lives comfortable. The scope of the science and art behind Home Science and the different professional avenues available specializing in this field.


10+2 and bachelor's degree in any stream

  • Duration
    2 Years
  • Fee (Per Semester)
    Examinations Fee (Per Semester)
    Registration Fee
    Enrollment Fee


  • explain the meaning and importance of Home Science;
  • establish the relevance of Home Science to men and women;
  • present some facts about Home Science as a discipline and profession, and
  • Identify various academic and vocational opportunities available to you after studying Home Science.


Career Path

  • Fashion designer
  • Nutritionist
  • Teacher
  • Production industry
  • Chef
  • Health educator


Which subject is best for home science?

Food and nutrition, Resource management, Human development, Physiology and promoting health, Child right and social action.

What is the scope of MA in Home science?

The scope of home science is not just restricted to the house hold but also various avenues to work in a wide number of fields especially research organizations, NGOs, dietetics, etc.

What are the benefits of MA home science?

M.A. Home science covers health, decor and life style etc. It teaches students various skills that are needed for managing homes. Students learn to manage homes on their own and live a healthy life style.

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