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The university is proactively preparing for the future by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) programs into its curriculum. These programmes hold a pivotal role in reshaping education in the 21st century, as they equip students with skills and insights crucial for navigating the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Recognizing the transformative potential of AI and ML, Nirwan University Jaipur acknowledges their significance in diverse sectors like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and entertainment. Through their AI and ML programmes, students embark on a multidisciplinary journey that converges Computer Science, Mathematics, and domain-specific knowledge. This comprehensive approach fosters a holistic comprehension of how data-driven algorithms can effectively address intricate real-world problems.

In the face of unparalleled technological advancements, the incorporation of AI and ML programmes by Nirwan University Jaipur represents a transformative step. These initiatives not only equip students for contemporary employment but also prepare them for the challenges and prospects of tomorrow. By fostering innovation and enabling students to actively contribute to the trajectory of human progress guided by intelligent technologies, the university stands as a beacon of forward-looking education.

Changing the world with AI

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Computer Vision

Forecasting & Optimization

  • Find hidden insights in data without telling the machine where to look or what to conclude
  • Extract business insights from large amounts of structured and unstructured content
  • Interpret pictures and videos for image processing, image recognition and object detection
  • Predict future outcomes and automate the best action given resource constraints

AI Pathway

  • 72% of business leaders say AI will bring a business advantage
  • 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2025
  • 1 billion video cameras will be connected to AI by 2025
  • 4 billion devices currently in use include AI voice capabilities
  • $15.7 trillion will be added to economy by 2030 from AI productivity and personalization
  • International training faculty of SAS

Future Scope & Carrer Opportunity

Sports analytics

Object detection provides immediate player assessments from on-field camera footage

Energy forecasting

Deep learning improves forecasting accuracy by learning variability in energy use

Manufacturing Optimization

Computer vision automatically identifies defects in the production process

Customer Feedback

NLP interprets call center conversations to filter out noise and resolve customer concerns

Health care

Object detection recognizes lung nodule abnormalities on scans for better patient outcomes

S. No. Program Specialization Eligibility Duration
(In Years)
(Rs./ Years)
01 B.Tech. AIML 10+2 -PCM 3 Yrs. (6 Sem.) 50,000
02 Master of Computer Application AIML BCA 2 Yrs. (4 Sem) 50,000

Enrollment Fee : 1,000/- | Registration Fee : 500/- | Exam Fee : 1,500/- (As per temporal academic plan)

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