Yoga & Wellness Center (OJAS)


The Health Awareness Activity was organized by the Yoga and Wellness Center (OJAS) at Nirwan University Jaipur on May 15, 2024. The event was coordinated by Dr. Krishna Agarwal, Asst. Prof, Dean School of Yoga, Nirwan University Jaipur.

This activity aimed to promote health consciousness and provide essential knowledge and practices for the labour community. The event was tailored to address the specific health challenges faced by labourers and equip them with tools for better physical and mental well-being. Participants engaged in rejuvenating yoga and meditation sessions aimed at alleviating stress, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall well-being. Special emphasis was placed on yoga poses and breathing techniques beneficial for individuals engaged in physically demanding work. By fostering awareness, providing education, and promoting practical strategies for healthier living, the event contributed to the empowerment and collective welfare of the labour community.

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