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The School of Humanities, Social Science and Fine Arts focuses on studies ranging from arts, literature, and its creative dimensions to studies of philosophies and historical traditions of various socio-economic, political and cultural social institutions.

School of Humanities, Social Science and Fine Arts

This School aims to develop an educational ecosystem for the learning community and to prepare the learners intellectually to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. Rapid technological advancement and revolutionary development of information technology has led to a tectonic shift in consumption patterns

Deteriorating quality of human relations, erosion of environmental and climatic balance of sustainability and development of weapons of mass destruction has necessitated a renewed focus on humanities, social sciences and fine arts.The contents of various Programmes in the school are student-centric emphasizing human values and human development.



The School is committed to making learners imbued in humane values, educated in socially relevant curricula, skilled to suit the needs of the world of works and achieving the five objectives of Higher Education; Pedagogy, Extension, Application, Research and Learning.


Enabling learners to become competent professionals in diverse fields.

Dean's Message

Dean Message

From Dean's

  • Dean Message
  • Welcome to the School of Humanities, Social Science and Fine Arts!

Nirwan University Jaipur is the best institution in the field of liberal education; for choosing the Arts and Humanities stream for furthering educational aspirations.

I’m sure, right now you feel quite elated about your choices. In due course, you would feel proud too, for having chosen this road to travel. Here is an environment of autonomy and inclusivity, you will learn to read and interpret the world from multiple perspectives; you will develop your abilities to think critically and independently. Your exposure to the breadth, diversity and creativity of human experience will transform you into better human beings and responsible citizens. The courses and people you engage with will spur you to have deeper reflections on your responsibilities to yourself and those around you in a society where local, national, and global needs often converge. In the process, your vision/of the world will expand. In a spirit of openness and cooperation, you will learn to appreciate the value and relevance of harmonious coexistence.

The liberal education offered by the school will be an enabler in your quest to discover your true self, your strengths as well as your shortcomings. With that awareness, you will feel equipped to face the challenges of life with confidence. The Arts and Humanities stream is the space to be in for your Education – in its true sense.

As the Dean of the School, I invite you wholeheartedly to an exciting journey that will kindle in you a lifelong interest in the study of Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Arts, Beauty, Truth, Media, and Cultures; in short, in Life and Living. Welcome on board!!

Prof.(Dr.) Sarika Singh
Professor & Dean, School of Humanities, Social Science

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