Poster Making Competition


The “NUJ NDLI Club” and “Gyan Dhara” (Central Library) jointly organized Poster Making Competition on International Women's Day, inviting participants to visually express their reflections on women Empowerment, and the achievements of women across the globe. The event aimed to foster awareness, celebrate the contributions of women, and provide a platform for artistic expression within the library community. The 15 students had registered but only 10 students participated in the Poster Making Competition. The varied perspectives and experiences brought by the participants resulted in a rich tapestry of artworks that reflected the multifaceted nature of women's roles and contributions.

The competition produced an inspiring series of posters showcasing the participants' commitment to highlighting women's issues. The best poster was selected by a panel of judges. Winners were chosen in categories such as "Best Representation of Women Empowerment," "Most Impactful Message," and "Creative Excellence." Certificates were awarded to top performers and all participants were acknowledged for a healthy competition. This event organized by Dr Reena Anand, Head Librarian. 4 The competition not only provided a platform for creative expression but also sparked important conversations around gender equality. By using art as a medium, the library successfully reinforced its role as a space that supports inclusivity, diversity, and meaningful dialogue within the community.

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