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To uphold the veracity of the research record and the professionalism of authorship, the journal has to maintain certain research ethics; hence, the author(s) must follow certain guidelines. The guidelines for the author(s) are mentioned below: -

  • The author(s) must submit the original research work.
  • The author(s) should avoid misinterpretation of research results.
  • The published work should not be submitted for publication in any other journal.
  • Plagiarism must be avoided by the author(s).
  • Proper acknowledgments to other works must be given and cited.
  • The author should take the consent of all co-author(s) before submitting the content.
  • In case, the editor has to communicate the author(s) regarding the submitted content or post-publication requirement; it is the responsibility of the sole author (here first name in case more than one author) to inform all other co-authors about communication made between the editor and the sole author.
  • Changes in authorship and order of author(s) are not accepted after submission.
  • A conflict of interest may exist when results, conclusions, or judgments regarding the research are influenced by the factors such as financial gain, association with any specific ideology, or personal relationships. All authors are required to disclose any financial gain, personal relationship, organization, or other associations that may influence or be perceived to influence their work.
  • In case, some unethical practice is found in the content, the sole responsibility will be of the author(s).
  • The author(s) retain the copyright and full publishing rights without restrictions after publication of the manuscript in this journal. No permission is required from the journal/publisher.
  • In case of some legal consequence(s), Jaipur jurisdiction will be considered.

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